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Remote Support - Online Computer Repair Services

$45 / hour - 1 hour minimum, billed on the quarter hour after that

Does your PC need repairs?

We offer remote support services to fix your computer issues quickly and cheaply. With remote support you can save both time and money while getting your computer back up and running faster. There is no need to wait 3 days to schedule an appointment with a technician who may show up to your home or office at the scheduled time. A Browser Kings remote support technician can get your issues resolved today!

Bringing your computer into a repair location can also be a pain. Imagine having to unhook all of those wires and lug your machine into a repair shop. Then once the repair is complete, all of those cords need to be reattached leading to more of a headache for you. Then if the problem is still not fixed, you are forced to do the same thing all over again. Get rid of the hassle with PC repair and let our knowledgable and friendly technicians resolve your issues.

Remote support, how does it work?

Our remote support software allows our technicans to safely and securely log into your computer and share your screen, keyboard, and mouse. This allows us to resolve your computer problems quickly and efficiently and the best part is you never have to leave your home or work.

To get started you have two options…

  • Fill out the form below with your information, once we recieve your request you will be contacted by a Browser Kings representative that will walk you through the next steps.
  • Contact us now through our help desk. You can check the top of this page for our status. When we are online, we will get your message instantly and begin a remote support session as soon as possible.
Browser Kings Remote Support

Is remote support secure?

When Browser Kings controls your computer remotely, it is a one time connection. Once our session is complete, we will not be able to log back into your computer without your help. Each support session cannot begin without your interaction with your computer. While we are working, you are able to watch everything that we are doing on your computer screen.

Our sessions are encrypted from start to finish, so that no one else has access to the support session. Everything from chat, mouse and keyboard input and screen transfers are protected by the encryption from outsiders.

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